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Dive into a live sandbox with your competing options side-by-side, guided walkthroughs, pre-configured use cases, and data that looks and feels like yours
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TestBox gives you the hands-on experience you've always wanted...

Test different optionsPlay with your top choices side-by-side in a fully interactive sandbox
Configured just for youYour TestBox is customized with data and use cases that matter most to you
Easy team decisionsInvite your team to test each solution and easily review your collective feedback — no more spreadsheets!
Faster implementationTake your TestBox setup with you once you've decided on the best solution

Our trusted partners, more coming soon!

TestBox currently enables you to test different Customer Support solutions. Stay tuned as we expand quickly into other software verticals.

Coming soon!
Coming soon!

What people have to say about us...

  • Why doesn't this exist already?

    Testbox could literally eliminate 70% of the buying process for me right away. Your prototype is getting me really excited!
    Customer Success Leader
    Customer Service TechCo
  • TestBox is immeasurably helpful!

    Buying software will be way better now I can play around in a sandbox environment to see what is intuitive, easy to use, and how each solution is differentiated.
    Head of Product Success
    Health Tech
  • This totally redefines a huge problem

    The ability to get our team using the software during the selection process will make them feel included, give them a voice, and reduce frustration or resentment of a new system being forced onto them
  • Awesome to test products side-by-side

    TestBox is absolutely a need, particularly in less mature companies who want the education and support to see what is really possible
    Head of Customer Support
  • We need a sandbox like TestBox

    Right now it takes so long to get a demo of a product that is an empty shell, get data in there and then map it out, and then the trial is over, and you want to do that for lots of vendors
    Head of Customer Ops
    Food Tech

Everything you'd want to know!

TestBox is free (awesome!), so how do you make money?
What information do you collect, why, and how is it used?
How are your recommendations built?
How do you build an environment unique to our needs?
How do you determine which use cases to build for me?

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